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What keeps us from finding and keeping the love we say we want?

Say, you thought you would be with a creative person, or you assumed you were strictly partial to blondes, or you had in your mind that you were only attracted to Kal Penn-lookalikes after seeing The Namesake in His lips: I die. Tear that all away. You will be glad you did. I'm not saying to ignore your relationship annoyances. I'm saying you should explore them really, really closely.

Are they leading to actual, legitimate reasons for concern? Say the guy you have been seeing always wears socks with sandals. That is weird.

The Black Keys - Too Afraid To Love You (HD)

And it drives you crazy and makes you uncomfortable and makes you think "ehh I don't… aaaa… he I can't take him anywhere! Embrace this guy and his footwear. I also never thought I would find a guy my family approved of, so I sort of let being in a relationship become, like, my 40th priority. I know that people do this with their parents and siblings.

The Truth Behind Why You’re Afraid Of Falling In Love

I know a few people who have had terrible tragedies in their families and felt this invisible pull to defend and dedicate themselves completely to their families until the end of time. I don't know what that is like and I don't want to pretend to, but I do know this: your family members are going to go out and finding relationships for themselves, or they already have. You deserve that, too. Your family will still be there for you, and they will be happy for you. I wish someone would have pounded this into my brain years ago.

If you really want to be in that relationship, you will make it work because you won't see any other option. Long distance relationships are a shit-ton of work. But don't make that an excuse for breaking it off if you think it can succeed and make you happy, because it might even make your relationship better. Yeah, being in a relationship means you're going to have to stop doing certain things like spending every single night watching Curb Your Enthusiasm reruns eating dinner in your underwear talking to your grandma on the phone — trust me, I know but you should probably stop doing that stuff anyway.

15 Signs You're Afraid Of Love | TheTalko

Still call your grandmother, though. Fit it in, somewhere!

More of us are relationship masochists than we like to admit. Sometimes it feels good to fight and break up and cry and get angry. We are all really messed up people who love pain. But if you don't want to start a relationship or you want to leave one because you think it's going too well and you don't know how to handle it, let me tell you this: you can handle it and you deserve it and JUST TRY IT.

Everything is going to be okay. And if it's not, you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

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You're afraid that the person will be opposed to your fill in the blank lifestyle. Well, yeah, they might be.

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But you never know. If this is the first time you are hearing that, you're welcome. Communication is very important in all relationships, obviously. You might just have found your perfect match.

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Are any of these reasons hitting a little too close to home right now? What other things have you afraid of relationships?

By Abby Gardner. By Jacqueline Novak. By Julyssa Lopez. You're afraid that love doesn't work. You're afraid you're too busy. You're afraid of a faux annoyance. You're afraid of leaving your family. Taken from Skylar's version I know you want what's best for me I know you've been waiting patiently You got my hand over the fire I know you wanna take me higher I don't wanna jump until I'm sure It's not like my heart is insecure The moment I'm ready I'll just know it I'm gonna know it Oh no, baby, not this way Oh no, but I'm not afraid of love A little more time And I'll take you there Oh no, baby, not today But love, come on If you rage in love I want it A little more time And I'll take you there You make it hard, boy, to resist A little more space, I must insist Too close, you're intoxicating Makes me wonder why I'm waiting I'll give up the fight When I know it's right Baby, baby, not tonight Oh oh, a little more time And I'll take you there Oh no, baby, not this way Oh no, but I'm not afraid of love No I didn't wanna fall in love But you made me go and do it Why'd you do it?

And now you gotta prove it A little more time And I'll take you there!!!! Oh no, baby, not this way Oh no, but I'm not afraid of love Oh no-oh, oh oh A little more time and I'll take you there And I'll take you there Oh no, baby, not today But love, come on if you rage in love Rage in love Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.