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Smith K. Smith, Hymns and Harmonizations. Sorenson, Trusting, Hymns of Assurance and Hope. Thallander, Organ Hymns of Faith, Vol. Tornquist, Sunday Morning Blend. I leave my blessing for you and your household. I have brought my dear life companion with me this morning, who is working with me in acquiring the knowledge which will be necessary for you in the fulfillment of the mission you have been selected for to give out the knowledge of this glorious philosophy.

It is the truth, for it is vouched for by the testimony of every atom, every bright world you observe in the firmament, and lastly by the spirit of the past man made perfect. You may be called fanatic, but if spiritualism is fanaticism, it is of more value to mankind than the whole circle of the sciences. We are called away now, but will come this evening.

I am so happy that I can come to dear mamma, and have her receive me as you do. Kiss her for me. The power is too far gone to write any more. On the 20th of October, , between 9 and 11 A. McKee, the following communication appeared on the slate:. I am here, and greet you with my love and my blessing as the one chosen by me to help me in correcting the teachings I have put forth, and which at that time were not clearly understood even by myself, consequently I failed to render myself sufficiently intelligible to be properly understood by others.

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Now these mistakes must be rectified, and the erroneous impression replaced by the truth. I am preparing my statements, and they will be given to you in proper time through the channels we have chosen. I have chosen you as my assistant, well knowing your loyalty, steadfastness of purpose and your fearless disposition, so like what my own was, so it would be a matter of perfect indifference whether you received commendation of the people or only arouse their condemnation.

It was this prominent characteristic which proved the attractive power that has drawn me to you.

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I ask no one to give up his principles; I simply desire to place truth before him , and let each individual reason according to the light surrounding him. Surely truth can defend itself, so we will let it speak for itself. I am happy and content with my surroundings, but I come to bring to the children of my love, the [Pg 31] people of the new church, more light, if they will only receive it. I am impressed more fully each time I revisit your earth sphere that, had I lived at the present day, my labors would have been understood and appreciated, and I should not have felt that my best efforts were but a sad failure in comparison to what I expected or desired.

I am now called away, so I now leave for this time, but will be with you soon. Good bye. God bless you and yours. On the 27th of October, , at Mrs. Many high and elevated spirits are banding together to spread the truth. On the 3d of November, , I had a seance with Mrs. McKee, and after the slate had been under the bare stand for about ten minutes a tap was heard, by which sign it was taken out from under the stand, and five exceedingly beautiful, fresh flowers, giving out a delicious perfume, were on the slate, and little dew drops had made some wet spots under them.

On the slate was written the following:. I bring you some flowers. Let them convey to you the dearest essence of [Pg 32] the high power to produce. They are the handiwork of God. In them we see His ever living presence. I am again with you, weighty with rich blessings for you and yours, and I come also with a heart overflowing with love, tenderness and gratitude, that I am permitted, through the goodness and wisdom of the most High Power, to return, and through you, my trustworthy assistant, give my thoughts and ideas to the people.

We love our mediums, our channels and our doorway, through which we come to love and bless. Take no heed of any unkind remarks, it is only an evidence of ignorance.

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Keep straight on, turn neither to the right nor to the left, continue to scatter seeds by the way-sides, which will furnish food for thought, and thought will lead to investigation. Investigation must necessarily lead in the acknowledgment of the truth. You can not expect to convince at once—it must be the work of time—and bear in mind, no one ever yet sought to benefit mankind who was not placed under the dark ban of suspicion.

As you say, nothing can be gained by denunciation. Keep on. My blessing with you. When the seance was over, I at once took the flowers to Mrs. The 17th of November, , I went to Mrs. William, who informed me that his daughter Jennie had, half an hour before, passed away to the spiritual world, and invited me up on the floor above to see her body.

In the death-room I found my friend, the wonderful clairvoyant and trance medium, Mrs. From the house of mourning I went to Mrs.

Fredrika Ehrenborg, through the medial power of Mrs. McKee, the 3d of November, and which now were preserved under glass, and afterwards went to have a seance at Mrs. Soon we heard writing on the slate and a tap, when we found on it the following communication:. How sad for you to look upon the face this morning, not yet cold, that [Pg 34] had afforded you so much real happiness, and pure as the flowers before you that came through her medial powers.

She entered the spirit world to meet the loved ones gone before. Her suffering is no more. She saw you, and I shook hands with her. She knew me, and she was all smiles. She was glad she passed away on the morning she had an engagement with you; so your heavenly influences were there to aid her spirit.