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In fact, even the battles with the aliens were dull and lifeless. The protagonist is barely developed. He is just a hapless soldier who just wants to get laid on a regular basis. And for half the book he has his pick of any woman he wants and apparently has sex almost every night. And other than having some difficult command decisions to make, we learn virtually nothing about his character.

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I was sorely disappointed by this book and just can't recommend it to anyone. View all 22 comments. Jul 26, Scurra rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction. Catch is often cited as one of the great books about the futility and inherent paradoxes of war. I think this is easily its equal, but is often overlooked because it is dismissed as "just" science fiction. By using the tropes of SF, Haldeman vividly illustrates not only the psychological effects on the combatants, but also the desperate disassociation wrought between the "soldiers" and the rest of society - his reference point was the Vietnam veterans, but it could apply anywhere and anywhen.

There are some moments of genuine horror too, especially when you start to understand what the narrator is telling you. A serious contender for my top ten books of all time. View all 6 comments. Mar 25, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi , shelf. Still a classic.

Want a war-driven novel constrained by the limits of relativity but still as inexplicable, funny, and as sad as the regular kind? How about a novel right out of that explores what it means when all of society transforms over millennia into something awfully strange To where the old outdated concept of future-shock is dusted off and given new life To where it's only reasonable for old s Still a classic.

To where it's only reasonable for old soldiers to re-up forever in hope that their world will resemble something sane once they get back In a lot of ways, this is less a parable about future war than it is a Science-Fantasy extrapolating what it means to be a veteran returning to a changed world and what it means to be completely and utterly lost to the life you left behind. Taken perhaps a bit more extreme than that of the soldiers coming back from Vietnam, maybe, but the concept is still quite valid.

Fortunately for all of us, there's not just tragedy and isolation here, but humor, absurdity, and a good solid story among the cool SFnal alien murders and explosions and the problem of troops, soldier confraternity, and cats on ships. View all 14 comments. With the anniversary of D-Day being just a few days ago, this was timely reading. It was a Hugo and Nebula winner. I read the first edition back in college in the mid-eighties. While I remember greatly enjoying the book in college, this re-read was much more impactful.

The story is written in first-person from the perspective of Private William Mandella. Haldeman effectively pulls from his personal experiences from Viet Nam. He tells a very readable story and successfully conveys several themes: - Solders in wartime, often return disconnected from their personal relationships and have challenges in reconnecting with family and friends. He also creatively tells of some drastic culture shifts which the MC faces when returning from duty.

This book is a masterpiece, both as a straight-up science fiction story, but also as an allegory for the horrors and hopelessness of war. Space travel, aliens, action, battles, social changes, military intrigue, and a hint of romance! This book has it all in written expertly! I hung on every word! I loved this book!

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I read this in or about then and couldn't remember all the details only parts and that I enjoyed it. I wanted to revisit this now that I am older and wiser. Also to see what social changes time has come true from The Forever War by Joe Haldeman and narrated by George Wilson is a good old fashion sci-fi adventure!

Also to see what social changes time has come true from the book. The narrator was terrific! Perfect for this story! View all 7 comments. Well I think it's safe to say that I'm not the target audience for this book.

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Somebody Kemper should have ripped it right out of my hands decrying: "You're not worthy! Despite my keenest efforts, The Forever War Well I think it's safe to say that I'm not the target audience for this book. Despite my keenest efforts, The Forever War is in no way in my comfort zone or wheelhouse. Yet, I still enjoyed many parts of it very much. The hardcore battle stuff got to be a little overwhelming for my brain circuitry and I had a hard time putting it all together and keeping it all together.

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I wish there had been a lot less war and battle and prepping to go to war, and a lot more about this time dilation business and all the changes that were happening on earth over the course of HUNDREDS of years. More of that please!!! The ending felt rushed to me and we only get a glimpse of Haldeman's 'brave new world' before the final credits roll. Yes, war can be stupid and senseless and I realize Haldeman is writing in the shadow of his Vietnam experience, but the "failure to communicate" argument just didn't quite zing for me. Sure, it made me smile, and I was glad for poor Mandella who had already been through the crucible many times, after all that shouldn't he get to ride off into the sunset with his sweetie on his arm?

I suppose. But it all seemed so abrupt and neat -- back home gentlemen, after a horrible battle in which there were many casualties -- guess what? The war's been over for a long time. It turned out we didn't even have to be fighting it at all, it was a huge misunderstanding with the enemy.

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How embarrassing! But you get to pick whatever perfect planet you want to live on now, and guess what? The love of your life that you thought was dead, well she's actually alive and playing a clever game with time dilation so that she'll only be a nubile 28 year old when you are reunited. I can see why it would be held in such esteem many years later and recognize the influence it would have had on a genre that we have established is not one I am fluent in. The Forever War is no exception on that score.

The question I will leave you with is: it's been 40 years by time dilation standards -- when do we get the movie???

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View all 5 comments. If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review. I have heard an anecdote that Haldeman attended an event where he was going to be on a panel with Heinlein and was dreading the meeting, fearing Heinlein would take him to task. Instead, Heinlein thought Haldeman's book was a great read and take on that theme, much to Haldeman's relief. I don't think Heinlein thought "Troopers" was a bible for creating a utopia, but he was laying down some philosophical markers with it.

It's nothing of the sort an utopia that is. View all 4 comments.

Aug 22, thefourthvine rated it did not like it Shelves: sff , worst. Okay, K asked me to elaborate on why I hate this book, so. Here we go.