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We have given perspiration to inspiration; We have strived in the vein of lyric sufferation. Our pens have procured Life from innovation; galaxies of gravitas; universes of chaos: Of fairies, trolls, gas- breathing dragons and three-warped witches; heiled Heros, and infamous Legends brandished into one script of words strumming onto a page of pure magic. And it is magic.

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He sat up and had a few gulps of the Fanta. He seemed to feel better. This is my stop. I will be getting down.


Are you feeling better? I joined the other passengers who got down at that station. I would have just taken a few steps when I heard him calling me. I am glad I could help! Would you care to join me, if you don't mind? I still had forty minutes before my meeting with my insurance agent.

Let's go. The man appeared visibly pleased that I agreed. We reached the restaurant. He ordered a masala dosa and I had coffee. We talked about each other.

He told me that he was looking for a job and hadn't found one in the last two months. The waiter brought the bill. I reached for my wallet and was shocked to discover that it was missing. I won't steal Labels: life , madras , suspense. Saturday, December 17, The Crush. I glanced at my watch. The press conference should be over in a few more minutes.

I looked around the room full of sports reporters covering the London Olympics. I stopped when my eyes met hers.

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She looked familiar. Who was she? He is fully prepared and in excellent form. That is all we have time for today! The cameras clicked incessantly as we left the conference room. I ran into Anwar Mubarak, the Egyptian I was going to face tomorrow in the finals. He was in great form too and a formidable opponent.

I waved to him and smiled when I noticed the woman from the press meeting walking towards me. Can I talk to you for a few seconds? I am glad that you remember me. Since we last met I am a reporter with The Guardian. Believe me, I am not going to talk shop! I am just excited to see you after such a long time. Listen, do you have some time now? I would like to catch up with you. I was heading back to my room and retire for the night. But, we can go to the bar and talk over a few drinks.

Here she was Beautiful as ever, maybe even more now than what I imagined her to be. The mild fragrance from her perfume hit my nostrils as she stood inches away from me. It brought back memories of how madly crazy I was about her back in the days. We grabbed our drinks and settled down at a table at a relatively quiet corner of the bar. My phone rang.

It was the coach. You'll have to excuse me. I have to take this call! I returned a minute later. Singh is super pumped about all this. I hope I win the Olympic Gold! Tell me about you. How have you been? I've been in London the past couple of years Still looking for the right man. She was quiet. I felt that familiar feeling of butterflies in my stomach. We talked for thirty minutes about everything except what I wanted to tell her.